My name is Sarah Kruhlak, and I have always considered myself a reader. From the time I was five years old and read my very first book on my own, I knew that I was going to be a life long lover of books. When I was twelve, a very special teacher told me that she thought I had the makings of a writer. Despite my rampant imagination and my love of books, before she told me that, I had never considered that path for myself. But once she said it, I knew that that was it for me.

So, I wrote all through the rest of middle school and high school, getting better all the time. With the loving support of my family, I went on to Western Washington University to get my undergrad degree in Creative Writing.

I graduated about a year ago. I had so many plans for my life after graduation. I planned to go on a big trip to explore Europe for six weeks. And that is the only thing that I have really done since graduation. I figured, without school, I’d have so much time to do more of the things that I love to do, namely read and write.

But more and more, I find myself stuck in this cycle of doing nothing but watching show after show on Netflix or Hulu, or playing dumb little apps on my phone during my downtime. With the rise of instant gratification type technology, suddenly you can sit on the internet and watch only the things that you want to watch, all day, every day, without ad breaks, even. When we were kids, if you didn’t like what was on TV, you did something else. Even when I was in high school, not all that long ago, I was reading three to four books a week. Now I find myself only really reading one every 10-15 days. Which, to be fair, is still a lot more than most people I know, but something I find myself being disappointed by.

This is how I found myself coming up with the “Book a Week” challenge. Most books that I read are between 350 and 500 pages. That is 50 to 72 pages a day for a week. Most adults, if they sat down and really tried, could read that much in an hour or two, tops. I am of the belief that most people that I know have the kind of time to read that much every day. And one book a week is four books a month. When is the last time any of you have read four books even in a year?

With the rise of easy, mind numbing technology, reading is falling out of style. And that makes me sadder than anything. So I want to challenge anyone and everyone to try and read a book a week. Do it for a month, do it for three months, or even a year, which is my goal. I will be posting a review for whatever book I read that week, so if your excuse for not reading is that you have nothing to read, you no longer have an excuse!

And who knows? Maybe if I get enough people committed to the challenge, I’ll do a giveaway or something!